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Accredidation Print

Soaring Eagles Christian Academy is a member of the American Association of Christian Schools and the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools.

Soaring Eagles Christian Academy will not seek accreditation by any governmental agency for the following reasons:
1. We would be required to use state-approved textbooks, which teach and promote secular humanism and other ungodly philosophies, which are contrary to the Word of God.
2. Psalm 1:1 commands us not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly.  If we were accredited by a governmental agency, we would be subjecting the work of God to the approval of individuals who do not necessarily know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  Therefore, at their own discretion, they could upset the operation of the Lord’s work at Soaring Eagles Christian Academy
3. State accreditation on the elementary and secondary level is not required for a school’s graduates to be admitted to an institution of higher learning.  All state universities accept students on the basis of entrance exam scores, ACT scores, SAT scores and the student’s individual performance in school.

Academic Information Print

All students must maintain at least a C-minus average overall in their subjects to be promoted. If a child does not meet school requirements for promotion, then it is the parent’s responsibility to see that their child is tutored and brought up to the required level before school re-opens in the fall.  All students requiring tutoring must have their tutor approved by the administrator prior to the tutorial sessions.

Academic courses will be given a letter grade based on the scale below.  Behavior will be evaluated and noted on report cards if necessary.  Non-academic courses will be given a grade based on the Satisfactory (S), Needs Improvement (N), or Unsatisfactory (U) scale.  A plus or minus sign is used to indicate degrees of performance.  Grades from other schools will be averaged according to the SECA system. (*South Carolina uniform grading scale)

A                  100-93
B                    92-85
C                    84-78
D                    77-70
F                    69-63          (Partial GPR Point Credit)
F                    63 or Below  (No GPR Point Credit)

ELEMENTARY: Any student receiving a combination of D’s or F’s that would hinder his progress if passed to the next grade will have a notation on his report card of “retained on probation” or “conditionally promoted.”  The child will be required to receive tutoring by a school-approved tutor during the summer for a specified amount of time each week.  The child will also be required to pass (78 percent or above) a test in the area(s) in which he received the low grade(s) before being admitted into the next grade in the fall.  Students receiving an F in three academic subjects, one of which is either math or language arts, are automatically retained.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Any student who receives two failing grades in any academic subject (including Bible) on his yearly average will be retained.  A student receiving three or more D’s or combination of D’s and F’s could also be retained, or required to attend summer school or be tutored, and placed on academic probation for the next school year.  Students who are required to have summer tutoring will need to use a Soaring Eagles Christian Academy approved tutor.

HIGH SCHOOL: In grades 9 through 12, class placement is determined by units earned –9th grade:  less than 6 units; 10th grade: 6 units; 11th grade: 12 units; 12th grade: 18 units.

Curriculum Print

Believing that the proper curriculum is essential for the highest possible quality education, SECA uses only those materials that have been proven successful. In most classes, textbooks by A Beka, and Bob Jones University Press and Alpha Omega will be used. Each student is required to have a copy of the King James Version of the Bible for use in Bible class and all Scripture memorization.

Graduation Requirements Print

Soaring Eagles Christian Academy requires the successful completion of an academic program in accordance with the requirements of the state of South Carolina. 24 credits are required to graduate from Soaring Eagles Christian Academy. At least 29 credits of prescribed courses and at least a 3.0 GPA are required for an honors diploma. Bible is a required course for all students for each year they are in attendance at SECA.

All students should follow the course of study mutually approved by the administrator and their parents. This policy is to ensure that each student achieves as much as possible academically while at SECA. Following the recommended courses of study will also eliminate problems of meeting graduation requirements during the senior year. Parents are encouraged to thoroughly discuss course selections with the administration.

Note: In order for a graduating senior to be included in the year end graduation ceremony, all accounts (including graduation fees) must be paid in full by May 5th and all course work must be turned in no later than the Friday before the date of graduation. No diplomas or transcripts will be released until all course work is complete and all fees are paid.

Academic Disclosure Print

Soaring Eagles Christian Academy’s grading calendar is set up on the quarter system.  Each quarter comprises nine weeks of school.  Progress reports will go home approximately four and one half weeks after the start of each quarter.  Grades from a progress report do not appear on a student’s report card.  Only nine-week’s grades are recorded.  Report cards will be given to the parents of the student following each nine-week grading period. The final report card of the year will need to be picked up by the parents after the last day of school as long as all tuition and fee payments are current.



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