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SECA trains its students to strive to live above reproach, showing respect for God, country, family, faculty and fellow students. Students who fail to cooperate spiritually, morally or scholastically will jeopardize their privilege to attend SECA.

It is the goal of both administration and teachers to stay in close communication with parents and work together as partners in the process. However, disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

Elementary School Print

The teacher in each respective classroom will deal with minor infractions of individual rules. Parents may or may not be notified. Repeated violations will be brought to the attention of the parents and the administration and further consequences for these violations may include detention hall, suspension or expulsion. Moral violations may be dealt with as outlined in the middle/high school discipline policies.

Middle / High School Print

Discipline is left to the individual teacher’s discretion.  If the student commits a minor
violation of classroom rules, the classroom teacher will discipline the child and may or may not notify the parent of the situation.  If the student commits a major violation of classroom rules or continually commits minor violations of classroom rules, the matter will be handled and both the administrator and parents will be notified.



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